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Twinning project presented the Model of waste electric and electronic equipment and batteries management systems in Ukraine

On 20 December 2016, at the premises of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine a Model for functioning of WEEE and used batteries management systems was presented with the participation of Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Regional Development Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko, Deputy Minister of Regional Development – Twinning Project Leader on behalf of Beneficiary Eduard Krugliak, Head of Landscaping and Utility Services – BC RTA Counterpart Maksym Barinov, MS Project Leader Johannes Mayer, Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) Elina Velinova Stoyanova-Lazarova, representatives of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, parliamentarians, European Business Association, NGOs and others.

This Model sets out the core principles and priorities for successful introduction of management system for WEEE and waste batteries, as well as defines the roles and responsibilities of main stakeholders.

The main key points of the Model:

  • Indicates the main actors of the system;
  • Introduces the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility;
  • Describes the establishment of the effective systems for collection of the treatment of such wastes
  • Proposes a financing and operational mechanisms for introduction of appropriate system for collection and treatment.

For establishment an appropriate and workable WEEE and batteries management system in Ukraine, the Beneficiary representatives have examined the relative systems of the EU member states such as Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Belgium. The elements chosen by Twinning-partners for building this system in Ukraine are the combination of those present in the specified MS and adapted to the Ukrainian realities.

In the opening speech Hennadiy Zubko declared that: “Taking into account the broad-scaled ecological problem that impacts negatively on public health, Ukrainian government have made the decision to act and to modernize and update the national system of waste management and harmonize it with the EU legislation. Ukraine is facing the task of introducing an approach that considers the entire life cycle of products, not only the waste phase”.

Johannes Mayer, MS Project Leader highlighted that “the engagement of the Ukrainian Twinning Partners who have carefully studied the WEEE management Systems of different EU Member States and selected a combination of elements to create a system which can work well in the specific situation of Ukraine and in line with European waste management principles”.

As a result Ukraine will benefit from the system through the efficient use of resources, minimizing the impact of hazardous WEEE and batteries waste on health and environment, supporting the emergence of new industries, economy and employment growth.

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